Alexa Developer Console

The Alexa Developer Console is where third-party device and app makers get started and manage Alexa integrations.

As the first designer on the Alexa Voice Service design team, I worked closely with a product manager and producer to upgrade the Alexa Developer Console.


Web design, User Experience design, User Interface design, Illustration, Copywriting


An Overall Upgrade

The existing Alexa Developer Console had been pieced together as needed—never thoughtfully designed. As the Alexa brand grew, the need to update the developer console became more and more necessary.

Getting Started

I began this project by assessing existing pages and mapping out what our updates would entail. Looking through what was live, there were some simple visual issues to address. I wanted to make the Alexa brand visible, resolve alignment issues, consolidate type styles, and implement a grid system.

I then created a simple style guide that our developers could easily reference to build reuseable components. I pulled the blue from our logo, spent time refining form elements, and created illustrations for our new marketing pages, building consistency between marketing, documentation, and the developer console.


Extra Improvements

I created first time user flows, providing an opportunity to include links to process documentation—another way to tie the separate systems of our Developer Console together with documentation.

I looked into how different internal teams use the data we collected. With a better understanding of this, I was able to reduce initial friction by simplifying registration forms, and pushing supplemental information to later in the process, which helped developers get started faster and improved our data hygiene.

Giving Alexa Developers More

To provide new functionality for our customers, a new analytics page shows product metrics for registrations and de-registrations, number of active users, average dialogue frequency, and domain usage.

The resources section was another new addition to the Alexa Developer Console. Documents like test guides, product requirement documentation, user experience recommendations, and eventually also reference kit manuals would be accessed from here.

Moving Forward

I was proud to see this work become the building blocks that other teams referenced as additional portions of the Alexa Developer Console was built out.

A Deeper Look

For a deeper look into my process and work on the Alexa Developer Console, please get in touch with me directly.