Alexa Developer Illustrations

As the Alexa developer community grew, our team wanted to refresh the visual language being used on the developer website.

We needed icons to represent the different capabilities Alexa could offer users, and a style that could represent the many different potential partners that might put Alexa on their products.


Illustration, Icon design

Integration Process

These illustrations and icons were to be used on the Alexa Developer site, so we made some for each major step of the development process.

All Kinds of Capabilities

Alexa at the time had no visual interface. It was purely a hands-free, voice activated device. We needed to express the kinds of things that users could ask Alexa for—Smart Home control, weather forecasts, timers and alarms, shopping updates, music, and news.

All Kinds of Devices

One of the ideas we needed to convey was that Alexa could exist on many kinds of devices. At the time, the only devices available were the Amazon Echo and the Triby, a kid-friendly family notes device that stuck to the refrigerator.