So Tiny So Big

In September of 2019, my partner, my dog, and I set out to travel around the United States for a year. We packed up our lives in San Francisco, and headed north. As we trailed through the country, the photos of our travels grew in number, I wanted a place to keep them where I could share with our friends and family. I built a website,, to document our journey.


Branding, Web design, Photography, Writing

Running With an Idea

The name So Tiny So Big comes from an interaction we had with an amused stranger on our first major trip together—a cheery comment on our drastically different statures. We found the moment charming and endearing, and we’ve kept the name for our duo.

I played around with the name until I landed on a logo we both liked. I then built the website, and we periodically add new posts recording highlights from the places we’ve travelled.

We're Always Out Exploring

The site’s live, and we add to it sporadically—when we’re not too busy making new memories. We love sharing stories and photos from our favorite spots, and hope you enjoy it.

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